14 thoughts on “鱼宝宝送给姨姨的视频

  1. 哈哈,真的很可爱,倒下去以后自己会调侃自己笑笑,嘻嘻。


  2. 哇,妈妈很变态,你说的,哈哈!!!!


  3. Mr upstairs, after sit is crawl lar..

    Ah so cute ley, haha…getting more and more handsome also…reminds me of meimei, laugh when he fell..so cute. next month dunno got chance to see him or not.

    Tell you hor, I also abit embarassed about my own voice in baby’s video. But as I find out, all mommies will speak like that when talking to baby, so no need to be shy..:P

  4. he and xixi the same, perfect blend of mommy and dadday’s look, like hologram you know, look this side like mommy, turn abit become like daddy..xixi also like that. but they both dun look alike. he looks more like isabelle

  5. 真喜欢他一倒下去就自己笑笑的样子,真令人开心。

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