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几句 Blog 之 今天午餐吃什么?

吃饱没事做 (其实是有超多东西需要去做,可是,像双喜妈妈一样,懒。),所以在这儿露个脸,免得大家忘了我这个随手拈来的幕后首脑工程师肥仔

如果你每天一为了要吃什么而烦,那,请看这个 video。

温小迪录了一个 video,请不要惊讶哦! 如果你可以比我更快,我愿意接受挑战! 哈哈!

肥仔环绕台湾之旅 – 美食(第五)篇

美食(第五)篇 : 台北篇

台北姑且好玩, 但环绕整个宝岛之后, 台北就给比下去了。 台北嘛, 还不是一个摩登城市。 有机会回到台湾, 我想我不会回去台北。 🙂

呵呵, 太久没出现了。 是的, 终于想起我还有一篇没 post 到。 不会忘了我吧?-___-lll 我可是《随手拈来》的幕后人噢! 没有我,哪有那时候的现场 update。Hmph!

Quick Updates 6

April 30, 6.44pm

I’m taking pain killers to ease my pain.

BB is getting naughtier and has lots of expressions. He opened both of his eyes today and observed the object in front of him, which is me, singing songs to him.

Am still under observation and have no idea on the discharge date.

April 29, 8.28pm by Jason 肥仔.

Twinsmom has resume her blood transfusion later in the evening after some blood tests and is slowly recovering. She sounded very exhausted on the phone.

On the other hand, BB Maxwell has been sleeping soundly throughout the day. Putting him to bed requires minimal effort, a short while of breast feeding and he falls asleep like a baby. (Pardon the pun! Can’t help it. :P) Maxwell’s hair is a little curly (Cantonese: Lin Mou) too!

The Belles have also met their little brother just now.

Twinsmom also specifically requested NOT to call her for the mean time as she is very tired and needs a lot of rest. Also, it is disturbing other patients and babies. You can drop her SMS at anytime or leave a comment in this post. She is able to check her blog on her phone, so, don’t worry, she will read your comment.

April 29, 12.56pm

Anesthetic is wearing off and am starting to feel the pain. It got itchy during blood transfusion and it had to be stop for the moment. Am currently on observation.

April 29, 11.34am

Say hello to BB Maxwell Chin Shang Yu 钱尚愉, weighing 3.8kg at 10.56am. Mother and son are safe and healthy.

April 29, 10.54am by Jason 肥仔.

No updates from Twinsmom yet. However, if everything goes well, we should be seeing BB today! Let’s pray for both mother and son. 🙂

April 28, 12.44pm

There’s no need for insulin injection or deferment of operation as diabetes is under control. Will be meeting BB tomorrow, for sure.

I also have to check my own blood sugar level as the hospital is short handed. I have no problem doing it myself but I have to do it 7 times a day. All my left fingers (except my thumb) have poker dot on the tip and I think it looks quite “fashionable” in a way. 😀

The food was not very bad but with a little bit more imagination, it tasted even better. 😉

No doubt, life without the PC is utterly boring and I’m bored to the very bottom of the earth. I asked Twinsdad to bring me my facial mask and I will be doing my facial here; then, my son can see his pretty mom when he opens his eyes. Hohoho!

April 27, 1.13pm

I have just been admitted into UMMC and is currently on observation for diabetes; while C-sec is scheduled for Wednesday.

肥仔环绕台湾之旅 – 美食(第四)篇

美食(第四)篇 : 垦丁,台东和花莲篇

如果你有机会到台湾旅行加上时间的允许,一定要到垦丁。 当你眼前是一望无际的蓝天白云,碧绿色的大海,青绿色的树林时,那美丽的风景和感觉是形容不到的。





几句 Blog 之 有人偷用我的照片来当招牌篇



哦… 卖老鼠粉的。

Hmmm… 那照片很眼熟哦,好像是我的照片哦!

仔细想一想,我就越觉得是我的照片。 拍摄手法是我惯用的 style。 有卤蛋,很多肉碎,老鼠粉… 很我的“吃”风。

不死心,用手机上网。 在《随手拈来》的搜索格里打“老鼠粉”,这篇文章 – “几句 Blog 之 我爱肉碎老鼠粉篇” 出现了。


我给老妈子看了照片… 她就哈哈笑了一下,然后去问那老板娘。


老板娘在我手机里的照片瞄了一下。 “哪里一样?我的是红色的。” *心虚的跑掉*



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