刚刚收到Jesslyn的依猫,她是这几天来继Domestic Goddess之后,从Blogger“搬家”到Wordpress。噢,她病了,说没有时间通知朋友,所以我这个鸡婆的人又派上用场了。

之前是Earthtone, 后来就Careless mum和她的中文部落格点滴,Vien也是用Wordpress,可是忘了她之前是不是Blogger user。


补记:Jesslyn说她先是从Blogger搬去Blogger Beta,然后中间出事了,很多张贴无端端不见了,又找不回,好像Domestic Goddess也有这样的经验,但是她的无端端出现回。

有谁知道怎办吗?知道的话帮帮忙哦,有机会见面请喝teh tarik。

10 thoughts on “Jesslyn搬家

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  2. I almost cried when I itchy hand transfer to beta blogger and didn’t know how to continue after that. Now, it’s ok already. So no need to learn WP first.

  3. >> Jason, 蛋头有用WP吗,当有秘密的时候,嘘…..

    >> Jesslyn, 举手之劳,刚好我头上的乌云过了,有心情鸡婆一下 :P。

    >> Dragonmummy, 写多一点中文张贴当广告费啰,益我益人,哈哈哈。

    >> Shoppingmum, hah…you also kena? tsk tsk tsk….. this Blogger should have been more thoughful and careful leh, even though it is beta, but losing old post is also a matter of live and dead mah, for blogging.

  4. I was a blogger user too but damn frust everytime they cut off my posts midway on the main screen..好生氣哦! 🙁

  5. >> Vien, yah, I kena a lot too, and some more English post leh, took me so long to write in English, and it go OOPS! just like tht, so bad.

    >> DG, 不过心也停跳了几分钟是不是?

    >> ET, Blogger seems like cannot import post from other host yet, but I think in the future may be.

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