What Is A Youth

What is a youth? Impetuous fire.
What is a maid? Ice and desire.
The world wags on.

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does a youth.
So does the fairest maid.

Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has its season for a while
Then love’s in love with me.
Some they think only to marry,
Others will tease and tarry,
Mine is the very best parry.
Cupid he rules us all.
Caper the caper, but sing me the song,
Death will come soon to hush us along.
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall.
Love is a task and it never will pall.
Sweeter than honey…and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

3 thoughts on “What Is A Youth

  1. 这篇是留给“什么时候不想你?”。啊哈哈!恩爱到不可以让留言打扰到那种浓情蜜意。通篇从头到尾都是思念到底,真是甜到…………难得那么多年还有热恋的感觉,厉害厉害! 😉

  2. >> 建杰,‘不到黄河心不死’嗄?哈哈哈。其实不像思念,倒像‘顺便’想起。

    >> 杂,对不起,之前不小心把文贴设置‘private viewing’了。

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