4 thoughts on “冷访电话(cold call)

  1. Hmm, doesn’t your company attend health fairs? Sometimes that helps bring in business. Instead of cold calls, you get warm calls.

  2. 这些电话 最会选最尴尬的时间打来 最讨厌了(难道都算好了?)

  3. >>Vien, we do attend exhibition and health fair, especially those special for mom-to-be, there was how I got all those contact for cold call, and now waiting for the next one.



    >>鈧凯,哈!我曾经接过timesharing的电话,但是幸亏有挡箭牌“sorry,my babies are crying···thank you。”信用卡电话的挡箭牌是“I am not working。”

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